The present Gangoji Institute for Research of Cultural Property, an incorporated foundation, was originally founded as Gangoji Institute for research on Buddhistic and Folkloric Relics which was mainly concerned with Buddhism and folk artifacts.
   It has begun at the Gangoji temple, located in the gNara-machih urban area. Through researches of its buildings, restoration of arts and crafts, and arrangement of over one hundred thousand remains unearthed during excavation digs before construction of the exhibition room and safety equipment.
   However, as our understandings changed inside and outside the country, the fields now extend to cultural anthropology, development and the practice of scientific conservation techniques of cultural remains.
   gBuried and forgotten cultural properties and extremely deteriorated ones have to be conserved as soon and as safe as possible using reversible materials.h At the same time they have to be researched from a historical and cultural scientific point of view. To realize this it is important to apply the experiences of the institute and results of recent studies from related academic societies.
   Gangoji temple, nominated as one of the World Cultural Heritages in Nara is at one with the institute. We hope that all of you will understand the meaning and@necessity@of@protection and conservation of cultural properties, wishing your corporation and support for our activities.

                                                                                                          Director Taizen Tsujimura 
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