In 1961 the Institute for Research on Relics of Medieval Folk Beliefs was originally established for research and preservation of over one hundred thousand remains unearthed from excavations carried out at the Gangoji temple from 1943 to 1961.
   Therefore in 1967 Gangoji Institute for research on Buddhistic and Folkloric Relics was newly organized. We added the section for the study and conservation of excavated artifacts under license of the Board of commissioners of the Cultural Propertiesf Protection, the present Agency of Cultural Affairs.
   In 1975 the Center for Conservation of Cultural property was established in Ikoma city for the restoration of excavated objects from throughout Japan. In 1978 the name of the institute changed to Gangoji Institute for research of Cultural Property Incorporated Foundation which corresponds to the research and study of cultural properties. We are trying to improve conservation techniques for the future.
 Head Office   
           11,chuin-cho,Nara-city,Nara Prefecture 630-8392 Japan

Center for Conservation Science  
            2-14-8,motomachi,Ikoma-city,Nara-Prefecture 630-0257 Japan