Conservation science
 In order to preserve and hand down cultural remains to later generations we analyze their composition and conservation material using various equipments. We are pursuing the proper preservation materials and techniques.
 First, materials of the objects are observed using optical and electron microscopes then analyzed for example an X-ray fluorescence analyzer, X-ray diffraction and Infrared spectrometer, etc. Large objects are inspected using mobile microscopes and an X-ray fluorescence analyzer without moving the objects.
 Besides, the condition and environment of collections are investigated; the conditions after conservation treatments are as well.
 Through the condition research we observe and analyze how the objects deteriorate using similar materials and exposing them by controlling the conditions.
 As the environment research progresses information about temperature, moisture, insects, harmful gas, and microbes etc. is carried out to clear up the cause of the problem and suggest the improvement of storage condition.

Analysis using a scanning electron microscope

Conditions and environments research

An on-site researsh using a mobile X-ray fluorescence analzer